Regaining Full Control

RevDefender provides you with a revenue-protection suite in an Ad-Blocking environment.

  • Real-Time ad-delivery monitoring.
  • Secured ad re-insertion for blocked placements.
  • Detailed reporting.
How much of your traffic is ad-blocked?
* Ad-blockers are known tracking-killers; you won't see these visits in your Google Analytics panel. Leave your email, and we'll send you a analytics script along with your login credentials to analyse the ad-blocking that goes on on your site.


Ad-Delivery Monitoring

We monitor your ads on every page load, and make sure that every ad is properly delivered.

Ad Re-Insertion

We re-insert encrypted, unblockable ads wherever Ad-Blockers remove your original ad.


We uncover your blind-spots with detailed stats of the ad-blocking activity that is taking place on your site.

How Ad-Blockers Affect your Site

Every time someone visits your site using an ad blocker:

  • All communication between your site and external ad-servers is blocked.
  • All sponsored parts of the page are removed- from banners and videos through affiliate links to sponsored content recommendation.
  • All tracking requests are blocked- you won't see these visits in your analytics report.

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